Introducing Giveabl: A donation API that's built for developers

Introducing Giveabl: A donation API that's built for developers

We believe in a future where philanthropic giving is embedded into the fabric of businesses.

Jill and I are proud to introduce Giveabl; the donation API for social & environmental good.

Giveabl helps businesses automatically donate to reputable charities, nonprofits, and social enterprises via the Giveabl API or code-less integrations.

We're seven months into the journey and have made steady progress towards accepting donations before the end of 2022. We are working on establishing the Giveabl Foundation and Public Ancillary Fund which will allow us to receive donations on behalf of donors, issue tax-deductible receipts, and disburse donations to recipients.

Our thesis is that many businesses want to give; they want to offset their impact on the environment or support causes that align with their products and services or their customers' values. Our vision is for Giveabl to provide a simple interface to facilitate this philanthropic giving at scale, including support for microdonations (as little as 1 cent), as well as cross-currency and cross-border donations.

Our pricing is simple and transparent. The Giveabl platform charges donors a fee of 1% of their donation volume. Recipients receive the donation amount less payment processing fees. There are no lock-in contracts, subscriptions or hidden fees. Essentially, recipients pay nothing.

The pricing model was incredibly important for us to get right. We feel that this kind of value-based pricing (e.g. a percentage of what you give) is fair and clear. You can read more about Giveabl's pricing here.

Please feel free to take a look at the Giveabl website. If you're interested in learning more, please reach out to me.

The Giveabl Website home page
Cause and Recipient categories on Giveabl
Viewing a fundraiser in the Giveabl Dashboard
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