Experimenting with DALL·E 2

Experimenting with DALL·E 2
High quality photo of a koala astronaut

OpenAI has just started inviting over 1 million people to use DALL·E 2. I was lucky enough to receive an invitation this morning and spent some time experimenting with prompts using the free credits.

What is DALL·E 2?

Launched in April 2022 by OpenAI, DALL·E 2 is a natural language processing model that generates images from textual descriptions. It is an extension of the original DALL·E model, which was trained on a dataset of textual descriptions of images from the Microsoft COCO dataset.

The model is capable of generating images of animals, objects, and scenes from textual descriptions, often with remarkable fidelity.

It is absolutely incredible!

Here are some samples, with the prompts as captions:

A close-up of a determined robot planting a living tree
Tarantula mech, neon digital art
The solar system depicted as simplified shapes, minimalism abstract art
A happy, hipster Labrador with glasses, digital art
A detailed graphite sketch of a great white shark
Bauhaus style artwork of the milky way galaxy

A contraption to solve climate change, pencil sketch on parchment by Leonardo da Vinci
Statue of Liberty covered in vines and epiphytes, digital art
A detailed pencil sketch of a woman's eye, close up
A 35mm photo of the real monster that lives under your bed, crawling out from under the bed
A majestic mythical castle in feudal England, cyberpunk
A tropical island in the shape of a love heart, drone photo 8k zoomed out
A dark image of a dystopian city in the future, digital art
A utopian city of the future painted by James Gurney
A glass of water on a mid-century table next to a sunlit window, 35mm
High-resolution macro photo of a fly landing in a venus flytrap
A bicycle as a fossil in rock, detailed photo
Man fish chimera, 4K photo
Man making coffee in style of Picasso, painting
Italian grandma making pasta, detailed graphite sketch
A steampunk giraffe, digital art
Person kicking a soccer ball on Saturn, Salvador Dali painting
The parallel universe inside a black hole
The Sydney Opera House inside a clear glass marble, digital art

Socceroos winning the FIFA World Cup, Pablo Picasso style postage stamp
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